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Beloved, Praise Report APRIL 2, 2011 – Rejoice Always
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Good Evening Beloved, Thank You for Being Here,
Our Focused thought today is the Evergreen
Principles of Web Traffic Generation. Here is
some great Insight through an Article by Marlon
Sanders – Everyone ( Matters what Your Niche Is )
You and I need Visitors To our High
Quality Content Online.

It Really Causes Your System to abound to the goodness
of Your Greatest Intent. Personally Every Dashboard
Marlon Has created I've Purchased and they have
all brought benefits, this "TheTraffic Dashboard "
has to be One of the most useful Products
Released this Year and  on Your Short List
for sure,  when all is said and done and
You know what's Inside.

 Again, Thanks Marlon

 Beloved – Enjoy, To Your Success!


A simple 4-Step System To Create Sales
and Profits Using Subscriber Tagging
By Marlon Sanders

Today I'd like to present a simple
4-step  system:

1. Tag your subscribers.

2. Find out their value

3. Increase the value

4. Expand what works

Step one: Tag Your Subscribers

As you know, I've been cranking a lot of traffic
to my sites via the Traffic Dashboard launch and
also the methods in it.

Here is where we stand:

Alexa ranks all the websites that have the Alexa
toolbar installed, which is 13 million at least and
I believe more like 20 or 25 million.

Currently we are 2521 in Australia, 2709 in
New Zealand, 3227 in the U.S., 3233 in Canada,
3856 in the U.K. and 4282 in Singapore.

So my methods work.

Let's talk about YOU and YOUR traffic.

The first step in creating profits is to tag
all  your traffic.

It's really important to TAG all your traffic.

Here's what I mean:

When you create your "opt-in form" so people
can subscribe to your email list, there is
a field called "meta ad tracking."

This is what it looks like in Aweber:

input type="hidden" name="meta_adtracking"

Getresponse and automateyourwebsite.com have
similar tracking fields.

Where it says name="meta_adtracking" you put
your tracking label in there.

So if the form is to capture subsribers from
your article marketing, you code it this way:

input type="hidden" name="article marketing"

Now, you can go more specific than that if you
want to.

You could have article marketing EA for
"ezinearticles.com" and a separate page and
ad tracking for articles base subscribers.

Step Two: Find Out The Value

Figure out how much each subscriber from each
source of traffic is worth to you

Now, once your traffic is tagged, you're able to
pull up reports in your autoresponder.

The idea is that by TAGGING where your subscribers,
you can determine which sources of subscribers
make you more sales.

If you use automateyourwebsite.com or Infusion,
the sales data for each source will be easily
available to you.

Otherwise, you need to take a sample of 30-50
subscriber emails from one source and look up the
email addresses in Paypal or your shopping cart
software to see how many of 'em bought.

You then take the total dollars generated divided by
the number of email subscribers and you have the
dollars per subscriber.

So you can know how much a subscriber from
Youtube videos is worth vs. one who comes from
articles vs. one who comes from your
affiliate program.

Do you know how much a subscriber from articles
is worth to you vs. someone from videos
or your affiliate program?

If you DO, then you can make better decisions
about where to spend your time.

You also have to take into account volume.

Volume x Subscriber Value = Money In The Bank

You could have a very high subscriber value from a
traffic source but be unable to get a bunch of
people from that source.

Conversely, you could be able to get a whole ton
of subscribers from a source that has a lower per
subscriber value.

But you can get a whole bunch of 'em.

Such is the case with Traffic Exchanges. like these:

You can find a whole bunch of subscribers through
these services but the per subscriber
value will be lower.

I was talking to Marcus Campbell last week. He's
selling a big ticket via pay-per-click traffic and
converts very well from it.

So the traffic he's getting there has a high subscriber
value, assuming he doesn't get banned by Google,
which is no small trick in and of itself.

The point is, you have to take into account NOT just
subscriber value but also volume.

Then to tweak out our formula a bit add this in:

Volume X Subscriber Value X Evergreen rating

The more likely a method is to continue working in the
future the better. Because you invest once in the learning
curve and benefit for years to come.

Google Adwords has a low Evergreen rating if you're
in one of the niches they ban people forever in.

Article marketing has a high evergreen rating. It's likely
to work for years to come with varying degrees of

Step Three: Increase The Value

Let's say that you're doing a little bit of research and
find that while you only have 50 or 100 subscribers from a
traffic source that your subscriber value is high.

You'd then want to expand that traffic source. In terms of
dollars made, the figure may not be impressive since you
have a small number of subscribers.

But if the dollars per subscriber are great, expand it.

You may be sitting right now on a profitable traffic
system. You did a little article marketing or a
little this or little that.

You didn't make big returns so you dropped
it or got sidetracked.

But if you go back and look at your numbers, you
may see that you have a little goldmine on your
hands if you crank up that method.

Maybe you look at the subscribers that come from
your posts on a forum and find out that the
subscriber value is high.

You could choose then to post a lot more often and
see if you can get more subscribers.

I've got 75 clicks so far from one post I made
in the Warrior Forum to an existing thread.
At .30 each, that's  $22.50 worth of clicks.

What if I find out that 1/2 those clicks subscribe
and the visitor value is $5.00 or $10.00?

Another thing to look at is how you can get more visitor
value from a low quality traffic source.

You might find that offering a product in the
$7 to $17 range goes crazy.

Or maybe the buyers become great affiliates.

The Warrior Forum WSO (Warrior Special Offers)
is kinda famous for things offered that are $27
or less. Usually less.

What a lot of people don't realize, though, is
you can get some very good affiliates there.

That changes the whole picture.

Same thing on Traffic Exchanges.

You probably need to start out selling something
for 10 bucks to the subscribers.

But these people love to promote.
They become affiliates.

Fifty tens a day is still 500 bucks any way you
slice it. The money spends just the same
as five 100 buck sales.

I'm going to have a webinar shortly for
Traffic Dashboard buyers where Robert Puddy
explains how he built his whole mini-empire
using Traffic Exchange Traffic.

I know people who love getting traffic
from Stumble Upon.

I"ve heard others say the traffic doesn't buy.

But what if you offer something for 10 bucks to
start with? The clicks are cheap. You can get a
lot of 'em easily enough. So why not?

Step 4: Expand What Works

Marketing Wisdom begins with tagging and
tracking your traffic sources.

Without this, you're just guessing.

Take anything you're currently doing to get traffic.
Tag it. Track the subscriber value.

Ask yourself how you could increase that value?
For example, offer a weekly webinar where
someone else comes in and does a little
webinar to your list. And maybe you
do the same to theirs.

Or maybe you go to payspress.com and grab
a 100% commission product and put a banner
link to it on your download page.

Or drop it in your email sequence.

How about a freebie membership site where you
make a percentage on offers via the OTO's.

Robert Puddy calls "login frequency marketing."
Every-time people log in to get the new content,
you present an offer.

Some people do extremely well with banners
they put on their download pages where
they get paid per sign up when the
people click on the banner and
sign up for something.

In summary:

1. Tag your subscribers.

2. Find out their value

3. Increase the value

4. Expand what works

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of "The Traffic Dashboard."
If you want to get more traffic now, go to:



Thank You! Marlon, Today when I read Your Email ,
Knowing that my thought was Traffic Generation and
what You had to say was Core Understanding and
Multitudes can benefit of the reminder and for some
of us it open a door to a Best Win, Win, Situation
for all concerned.  Be Blessed Always…Peace!

Thank You again, for Being
Strong and Courageous.


 And We Continue Inspired Blog Post here, Focused On
Evergreen Principles That Are Working Now and will be
working in Your Present and Future Business Niche.
Again this Blog Focus Aims to expound the virtues of
Best Guides To eCommerce With Favor – Using
Profitable insights of Social media, Viral
Marketing ( Word of Mouth) Article
Marketing,  Using Profitable
Software, Relationship Building
through High Quality Content, 
Audio and Video … evermore
to Remain Focused on the
Best Way of using Sales
Funnel  Principles.
Doable Evergreen



Every Niche Needs Traffic, Money is Just a Tool of
exchange We All Use – Certainly Is Not God,
Just used to Advance His Kingdom
Business. Thank You Jesus!
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From The Computer Desk of Jim Legington, Publisher/Editor
Best Guides To eCommerce With FavorIts Important,
Beloved, Ezine Publisher's Dream Comes True -
Thank You Jesus!
One – Viral Marketing Experiment -
It's done For You! Its a bountiful blessing -
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Thank You For Being Here – To Your BEST of 2011!
Be Blessed Always…Peace!


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Beloved, Praise Report APRIL 2, 2011 – Rejoice Always
Follow Up – Ezine Publisher's Dream Comes True -
Sales Funnel Principles Done For You – Awesome
Fast Cash Club – Join Free
– Money is Just a Tool of
exchange We All Use – Certainly Is Not God,
Just used to Advance His Kingdom
Business. Thank You Jesus!
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